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Qibla Direction Calculator
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What is the Qibla?

It is the direction of the Kaaba that Muslims turn while performing some prayers. It is believed to be one of the conditions of prayer. For this reason, it is very important to correctly determine where the qibla is on.

How to find the direction of Qibla?

In fact, the phrase "direction of qibla" is an erroneous expression. Because the term qibla already indicates a direction.

It is possible to find the qibla by using one of the different direction finding techniques. A few of the most common of these methods are described below.

How to find direction with compass?

The simplest of direction finding techniques is the use of compass. The dark magnetic tip on the compass always points north. The opposite of the north direction points south. If it is known which direction the qibla is in the current location, it is possible to easily determine where that direction is with the help of the compass.

How to find a mosque and qibla?

Looking at the mosques and determining the direction is a frequently used method. The entrance doors opposite the mihrab in the mosques show the north direction. In addition, the minaret doors show the qibla. Other directions can be easily determined from this point.

How to find directions with the church?

The bells are always to the west of the churches. Based on this, it can be easily determined that the opposite side of the bell is pointing east.

Which way do the tombs face?

The head of Muslim graves always points to the west. Therefore, the part with the feet shows the east. This situation is a little different for Christians. Head direction always points south and feet point north.

Is it considered a prayer performed by turning towards the wrong side?

It is believed that if a Muslim has prayed by turning to the side he finds with his own means and it has been revealed that the side he is turning to is not the true qibla, he should return the prayer.